1. What global chain has a logo with a mermaid as its centrepiece?
  2. What New Zealand celebrity cook and entrepreneur is the co-owner of Central Otago’s Royalburn Station?
  3. The films Straight Outta Compton, Drive and Chinatown were set in what city?
  4. Where did popcorn originate: South America, India or the United States?
  5. From what language do we get the word yakka, meaning work (as in “hard yakka”)?
  6. What was the name of the fairy in J M Barrie’s story Peter Pan?
  7. What brand of mouthwash took its name from the British doctor who pioneered antiseptic surgery?
  8. At 2.4 kilometres, what is NZ’s longest road tunnel?
  9. In video gaming, what do the initials PS stand for?
  10. What Northland town is known as the kumara capital of NZ?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Starbucks; 2. Nadia Lim; 3. Los Angeles; 4. South America; 5. Australian Aboriginal; 6. Tinker Bell; 7. Listerine (from Joseph Lister); 8. Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel; 9. PlayStation; 10. Dargaville.