1. According to a survey by Britain’s Ipsos polling company, who is the most popular royal: King Charles, Prince William or Princess Anne?
  2. Who is the least popular: Prince Harry, Prince Andrew or Camilla, the Queen Consort?
  3. In the British media, who has the nickname the Dirty Digger?
  4. What Greek style of wine takes its name from the pine resin that provides its distinctive flavour?
  5. The Fat Controller is a character in what children’s stories?
  6. What first name was shared by American actors with the surnames Kelly, Tierney and Wilder?
  7. What New Zealand sports team wears pink?
  8. What singer entertained fans at halftime during the 2023 Super Bowl football match?
  9. “Four legs good, two legs bad” is a phrase from what famous satirical novel?
  10. Complete the title of a 1971 No 1 hit song by Tony Christie: I Did What I Did for ….

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Prince William (by a narrow margin); 2. Prince Andrew; 3. Rupert Murdoch; 4. Retsina; 5. Thomas the Tank Engine; 6. Gene; 7. The Breakers; 8. Rihanna; 9. Animal Farm; 10. Maria.