1. A Frenchman named Emil Derailleur invented a system of gearing for bicycles – true or false?
  2. An episiotomy is a surgical procedure carried out to facilitate what?
  3. What term for an Islamic cleric was adopted by British army officers to denote the clothes they wore when off duty?
  4. In London, what institution is commonly known as the V and A?
  5. What New Zealander won the 2009 series of the TV singing competition Australian Idol?
  6. In cuisine, what word precedes Kiev, Marengo and cacciatore?
  7. In law, what is the two-word term for a rule that protects a person against being tried again on a charge that has previously led to acquittal?
  8. In which NZ province would you find Peel Forest?
  9. How fast is the speed of light – 50,000, 180,000 or 300,000 kilometres per second?
  10. In what Academy Award-winning movie of 1975 was the main character subjected to a lobotomy?

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ANSWERS: 1. False (the derailleur was not named after its inventor); 2 Childbirth; 3. Mufti; 4. The Victoria and Albert Museum; 5. Stan Walker; 6. Chicken; 7. Double jeopardy; 8. Canterbury; 9. 300,000; 10. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.