1. What award-winning 2022 film was based on a classic 1929 anti-war novel with the same title?
  2. What alcoholic drink was once known as Mother’s Ruin?
  3. His first names were William Gilbert and he scored 54,000 runs during a cricket career that lasted 44 years. What was his surname?
  4. In Christian lore, who were Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior?
  5. What famous poem starts with the line: “There was movement at the station”?
  6. What seafood is used in the dish spaghetti alle vongole?
  7. In New York, what is Sloan Kettering: a department store, a medical institute or an art gallery?
  8. Who would a French person address as Tante?
  9. Phoolan Devi, the subject of the 1994 film Bandit Queen, led an outlaw gang in what country?
  10. Sydney Carton was a central character in what book by Charles Dickens?


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ANSWERS: 1. All Quiet on the Western Front; 2. Gin; 3. Grace; 4. The Three Wise Men, aka the Three Kings; 5. The Man from Snowy River; 6. Clams; 7. A medical institute; 8. An aunt; 9. India; 10. A Tale of Two Cities.