1. “Winter is Coming” was the title of the first episode – and the motto of a family dynasty – in what popular TV series?
  2. Which European car manufacturer produced a model called the Traction Avant?
  3. Equatorial Guinea is part of which continent?
  4. Which rock band recorded a best-selling 1987 album called Appetite for Destruction – Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses or AC/DC?
  5. What is the full name of the government department with the initials MSD?
  6. What word can mean a brightly burning fire or a white mark on an animal’s face?
  7. What three-word French phrase translates as “head to head” and in English means a private conversation?
  8. New Zealander Vicky Latta won two Olympic gold medals in what sport?
  9. What actor and rapper has the nickname the Fresh Prince, after his role as the title character in a popular 1990s TV series?
  10. What word can mean a type of 19th-century sailing ship or a naval prison?



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ANSWERS: 1. Game of Thrones; 2. Citroen; 3. Africa; 4. Guns N’ Roses; 5. The Ministry of Social Development; 6. Blaze; 7. Tete-a-tete; 8. Equestrian; 9. Will Smith; 10. Brig.