1. Did prime minister Norman Kirk lead New Zealand’s second, third or fourth Labour government?
  2. Where in New Zealand is the Isaac Theatre Royal?
  3. Complete the following quotation: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power …”
  4. Jura is an island off the coast of which country: Croatia, Brazil or Scotland?
  5. According to Amnesty International figures, which country carries out the most executions: Saudi Arabia, China or Iran?
  6. The 2001 Hollywood war movie Black Hawk Down was set in what country?
  7. The human body produces a hormone called cortisol as a response to what?
  8. The edible plant samphire usually grows where: in forests, on mountain slopes or on the coast?
  9. In which American city would you be most likely to eat crawfish etouffee?
  10. The Stirling Point lookout, famous for its AA signs pointing to towns and cities around the world, overlooks what New Zealand town?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. The third; 2. Christchurch; 3. Corrupts absolutely; 4. Scotland; 5. China; 6. Somalia; 7. Stress; 8. On the coast; 9. New Orleans; 10. Bluff.