1. What do the New Zealand retail chains Farmers, Pascoes the Jewellers and Whitcoulls have in common?
  2. What terrible event put Gabby Petito in the public eye in 2021?
  3. What North Island coastal township, famous for its historic wharf, has the Maori name Uawa, which is also the name of the river the township is located on?
  4. What type of patients are treated at London’s Great Ormond St Hospital?
  5. By adding one letter, what word meaning a type of metal fastener can be changed to one meaning a stand on which hot cooking pots can be placed?
  6. Competitors in the Coast to Coast race kayak down which Canterbury river?
  7. Antonio Guterres is the ninth United Nations Secretary. Who was the seventh?
  8. What ingredient in perfume was originally obtained from the gland of a deer?
  9. What rural township northwest of Auckland became famous for its association with Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom?
  10. Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward was a character in what popular 1960s TV series? 

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ANSWERS: 1. They are all owned by the same family; 2. She was murdered while travelling across the US with her boyfriend; 3. Tolaga Bay; 4. Children; 5. Rivet/trivet; 6. The Waimakariri; 7. Kofi Annan; 8. Musk; 9. Coatesville; 10. Thunderbirds.