1. In which city did Bic Runga, the Exponents and Ray Columbus come to prominence?
  2. What is the common characteristic of Francophone countries?
  3. Where is the Mosquito Coast: West Africa, Southeast Asia or Central America?
  4. What former tennis star was recently sentenced to a prison term for financial crimes?
  5. The Mamanuca Islands are part of what country?
  6. “Up in a tree a bird sings so sweetly” is a line from what classic New Zealand pop song?
  7. The initials MFA denote a master’s degree in what?
  8. What did the films Midnight in Paris, Blue Jasmine, Hannah and Her Sisters and The Purple Rose of Cairo have in common?
  9. Which has the longest average life span: the tuatara, the blue whale or the crocodile?
  10. In Australian politics, who is Dominic Perrottet?


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ANSWERS: 1. Christchurch; 2. They have French as an official language; 3. Central America; 4. Boris Becker; 5. Fiji; 6. Nature, by the Fourmyula; 7. Fine Arts; 8. They were directed by Woody Allen; 9. The blue whale; 10. Premier of New South Wales.