1.    What first name is shared by a British actress with the surname Wanamaker, a New Zealand stuntwoman with the surname Bell and an American actress with the surname Kravitz?

2.    Between 1963 and 1973, Cape Canaveral was known by what name?

3.    What name was given to the last major German offensive in the Second World War, launched in the Ardennes Forest in 1944?

4.    What famous building is located on Bennelong Point?

5.    The long-running TV series Inspector Morse was set in which British city?

6.    Which NZ tree takes its name from a Māori word meaning yellow?

7.    The Northland dairy farming community of Ararua broke ranks with the rest of the country in 1984 by refusing to observe what?

8.    In what films did Alan Rickman play a character named Severus Snape?

9.    What province is represented by a cricket team called the Volts?

10.  What word can mean either an aromatic culinary herb or a person of wise judgment?

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ANSWERS: 1. Zoe; 2. Cape Kennedy; 3. The Battle of the Bulge; 4. The Sydney Opera House; 5. Oxford; 6. The kowhai; 7. Daylight saving; 8. The Harry Potter films; 9. Otago; 10. Sage.