1. What was the occupation of the comic strip character Tintin?
  2. In Māori mythology, which southern North Island lake is one of the eyes of the great fish caught by Māui?
  3. Who wrote the line: “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”?
  4. Which American rock band took its name from a beehive hair style, which in turn took its name from a bomber?
  5. Havana, Supreme and Emporio are brands of what?
  6. What famous road in the hills above Los Angeles gave its name to a 2001 mystery movie starring Naomi Watts?
  7. Where in the body is the perineum: the groin, the stomach or the nose?
  8. Communist East Germany’s Ministry for State Security was commonly known by what name?
  9. Complete the following quotation: “Music hath charms to soothe …”
  10.  What popular model of Japanese car took its name from the ring of light around the sun?


ANSWERS: 1. Reporter; 2. Lake Wairarapa; 3. Karl Marx; 4. The B-52s; 5. Coffee; 6. Mulholland Drive; 7. The groin; 8. The Stasi; 9. The savage breast; 10. The Toyota Corona.