1. What country lies immediately south of the Strait of Gibraltar?
  2. By dropping one letter, what word meaning an angry speech can be changed to one meaning an exchange of goods?
  3. Ned Stark, Viserys Targaryen and Melisandre are characters in what TV series?
  4. What sport involves a line of scrimmage?
  5. As musicians, what did Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain have in common with Paul McCartney?
  6. What city in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to Disneyland?
  7. Bean curd is more commonly known by what name of Chinese/Japanese origin?
  8. What is the common factor in the films Sully, Memphis Belle and The Pursuit of D B Cooper?
  9. The musical Sunshine on Leith features songs by what duo?
  10.  What English city has a 2.8km walk that follows the remains of a Roman wall dating back to 200AD?

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ANSWERS: 1. Morocco; 2. Tirade/trade; 3. Game of Thrones; 4. American football (gridiron); 5. They were left-handed; 6. Anaheim; 7. Tofu; 8. They involve aircraft; 9. The Proclaimers; 10. London.