1. In what series of films did Sam Neill play a character named Dr Alan Grant?
  2. By changing one letter, what word meaning a roll of parchment can be altered to one meaning a leisurely walk?
  3. On which part of the body would you wear a toque, a kippah or a busby?
  4. What sporting contest was inspired by the feat of a Greek messenger named Philippides in 490 BC?
  5. In what city would you find an elevated park known as the High Line?
  6. What international chain of luxury hotels took its name from a mystical Tibetan kingdom in a 1933 novel?
  7. In cooking, what is the American equivalent of the New Zealand term “crumbed”?
  8. What historical figure has been played in films by Clark Gable, Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson?
  9. North Canterbury’s Waipara River flows into what bay?
  10.  Complete the following line from a 1986 hit song: “First we take Manhattan, then we take …”

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Please scroll down for the answers:  

ANSWERS: 1. Jurassic Park; 2. Scroll/stroll; 3. On the head; 4. The marathon; 5. New York; 6. Shangri-La; 7. Breaded; 8. Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian; 9. Pegasus Bay; 10. Berlin.