1. In the security pact known as Aukus, what does the letter A stand for?
  2. In a series of comic novels by P G Wodehouse, what was the name of Bertie Wooster’s valet?
  3. In medicine, HDL and LDL are good and bad types of what?
  4. By changing one letter, what word meaning an armed robbery can be altered to one meaning a mechanism for lifting things?
  5. What politician was described as a hard dog to keep on the porch?
  6. Which English Premier League football club is known by the abbreviation AVL?
  7. Would you find a whammy bar on a guitar, in a gym or on a tractor?
  8. What did the poet John Milton, the rock musician Jeff Healey and the legendary Greek author Homer have in common?
  9. A gourmand is a connoisseur of fine food – true or false?
  10. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that affects which part of the human body?


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ANSWERS:  1. Australia; 2. Jeeves; 3. Cholesterol; 4. Heist/hoist; 5. President Bill Clinton; 6. Aston Villa; 7. On a guitar; 8. Blindness; 9. False (strictly speaking, a gourmand is someone who eats too much); 10. The foot (specifically the heel).