1. In the 1982 movie ‘Sophie’s Choice’, who won an Academy Award for playing Sophie?
  2. The letters SIDS, when referring to baby fatalities, stand for what?
  3. In motorsport, what is the name of the world championship for single-seater electric cars?
  4. Savoy, red and drumhead are varieties of what?
  5. In which New Zealand city would you see a memorial to Labour prime minister Michael Savage?
  6. Kuta Beach is a tourist resort in what country?
  7. The Canadian band Barenaked Ladies provided the theme song for what long-running comedy series?
  8. The Gulf of Tonkin was the site of an international confrontation in what war?
  9. The Moskva River runs through what city?
  10. Which of the following cities doesn’t have a casino: Dunedin, Hamilton or Rotorua?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Meryl Streep; 2. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; 3. Formula E; 4. Cabbage; 5. Auckland; 6. Indonesia; 7. The Big Bang Theory; 8. The Vietnam War; 9. Moscow; 10. Rotorua.