1. The title character in the 2017 movie I, Tonya was a champion in what sport?
  2. Which was completed first: the Sydney Opera House or the Beehive?
  3. What chocolate sponge cake is traditionally layered with whipped cream and maraschino cherries?
  4. What bird is depicted on the flag of Papua New Guinea?
  5. The series of concerts known as the BBC Proms is traditionally held in what London venue?
  6. In which American city would you find the Gateway Arch?
  7. In a children’s story by Beatrix Potter, what type of creature is Mr Jeremy Fisher?
  8. In what country would you be most likely to attend an eisteddfod?
  9. Albert Finney, Brendan Gleeson, Timothy Spall and John Lithgow have all played what real-life 20th-century figure on screen?
  10. In tennis, what is the term for a score of 40-40?

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ANSWERS: 1. Ice skating; 2. The Sydney Opera House; 3. Black Forest cake; 4. The Bird of Paradise; 5. The Royal Albert Hall; 6. St Louis; 7. A frog; 8. Wales; 9. Winston Churchill; 10. Deuce.