1. What national institution has a Māori name that translates as “container of treasures”?
  2. What word can follow yellow, Christmas and wild?
  3. What English singer recently topped global pop charts with a 1985 song that was revived in the TV series Stranger Things?
  4. Complete the three traditional Christian virtues: Faith, hope and …
  5. The oldest international treaty still in force was signed in 1373 between England and what other country: Sweden, Austria or Portugal?
  6. What large body of water is often referred to as the Pond?
  7. What Hollywood A-lister was awarded the Church of Scientology’s Freedom Medal of Valor?
  8. Which capital city is furthest from the equator: Moscow, Wellington or Ottawa?
  9. A dish cooked parmigiana-style uses what ingredient?
  10. The feminist Germaine Greer, the actor Warren Beatty and the singer Neil Sedaka were born in which decade?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Te Papa Tongarewa; 2. Card; 3. Kate Bush; 4. Charity (sometimes referred to as love); 5. Portugal; 6. The Atlantic Ocean; 7. Tom Cruise; 8. Moscow; 9. Parmesan cheese; 10. The 1930s.