1. Which TV celebrity made a series about his attempts to become a farmer: Jeremy Clarkson, Gordon Ramsay or Graham Norton?
  2. In Britain, who are sometimes known as the rozzers?
  3. King Victor Emmanuel III reigned from 1900 till 1946 in what country?
  4. In Parliament in 2007, who called National Party leader John Key a rich prick?
  5. Wellington football team the Phoenix play in what colours?
  6. What British brand of sauce has a name inspired by London’s Houses of Parliament?
  7. In the comic strip Peanuts, what character plays a toy grand piano?
  8. What is the meaning of the word ululating: wailing, gently rising and falling, or showing hesitation?
  9. What is the staple ingredient in a croque monsieur: chicken, bread or beans?
  10. Complete a famous line from the 1996 movie Jerry McGuire: “You had me at …”


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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Jeremy Clarkson; 2. The police; 3. Italy; 4. Michael Cullen; 5. Yellow and black; 6. HP Sauce; 7. Schroeder; 8. Wailing; 9. Bread; 10. Hello.