1. Professor Calculus, Bianca Castafiore and Nestor the butler are characters in what books?
  2. What famous law enforcement agency has the initials RCMP?
  3. His first names were Wystan Hugh and he wrote poems. What was his surname?
  4. In the initials of the ACT party, what does the C stand for?
  5. What first name is shared by an actor and singer with the surname Donovan, an actor with the surname Moamoa and the title character in a series of novels by Robert Ludlum?
  6. What car company produced models called the Tredia, the Galant and the Sigma?
  7. What ethnic cuisine includes dishes called kreplach, kishka and matzo balls?
  8. Where was the New Zealand Company’s first settlement in the South Island: Nelson, Christchurch or Invercargill?
  9. Who has a summer residence at a place called Castel Gandolfo?
  10. The Ironman World Championship is a multisport event held annually in what American state?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. The Tintin books; 2. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police; 3. Auden; 4. Consumers; 5. Jason; 6. Mitsubishi; 7. Jewish; 8. Nelson; 9. The pope; 10. Hawaii.