1. What provincial city was the hometown of 19th-century prime minister John Ballance, rock and roll pioneer Johnny Devlin and chef Peter Gordon?
  2. What Brazilian city is named after St Paul?
  3. Which former politician recently took over as New Zealand’s High Commissioner in London?
  4. In law, what is the difference between robbery and theft?
  5. Oscar-nominated 2022 movie The Fabelmans is based on the early life of what Hollywood figure?
  6. In a novel by Oscar Wilde, who sold his soul in exchange for eternal youth?
  7. Where in NZ is Orangetheory Stadium?
  8. Which unit of measurement is named after the scientist Alexander Graham Bell?
  9. What sport features an event called a criterium?
  10. Prior to Donald Trump, who was the only US president to have been divorced?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Whanganui; 2. Sao Paulo; 3. Phil Goff; 4. Robbery involves violence or the threat of violence; 5. Steven Spielberg; 6. Dorian Gray; 7. Christchurch; 8. The decibel; 9. Cycling; 10. Ronald Reagan.