1. What word of Yiddish origin means to talk in a chatty way, usually with the aim of impressing or manipulating someone?
  2. What is the more common term for halitosis?
  3. Who was nicknamed “the Bugman” for his segment on Maggie Barry’s TV gardening show?
  4. What sport would you watch at Watkins Glen?
  5. What adjective preceded the names of an English folk hero called John and an American rock and roller called Richard?
  6. What does the D stand for in the initials PTSD?
  7. The Dutchman Petrus Stuyvesant was an influential figure in the early history of what city?
  8. Huffer is a New Zealand brand of what?
  9. In the Nordic TV crime series The Bridge, what countries did the bridge connect?
  10. In what NZ city would you ride the Durie Hill elevator?


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Please scroll down for the answers:   

ANSWERS: 1. Schmooze; 2. Bad breath; 3. Ruud Kleinpaste; 4. Motor racing; 5. Little; 6. Disorder; 7. New York; 8. Clothing; 9. Sweden and Denmark; 10. Whanganui.