Welcome to our new daily quiz.

  1. In the musical West Side Story, what are the names of the two street gangs?
  2. Which best defines the word calumny: a false statement, a flattering remark or a clumsy attempt at seduction? 
  3. Which sport originated in Scotland: tennis, skeet shooting or golf?
  4. What female name was mentioned in the titles of hit songs by John Rowles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney?
  5. Waitrose is a British chain of what: hotels, supermarkets or motorway restaurants?
  6. From what language do we get the words chutney, juggernaut, verandah and dinghy?
  7. Fill in the missing word in the first line of a poem by T S Eliot: “[…] is the cruellest month”.
  8. What is the currency of Turkey?
  9. What 1987 fantasy movie had a soundtrack composed by Mark Knopfler?
  10.  Which Australian city has suburbs named Fyshwick, Deakin, Parkes and Barton?



1. The Jets and the Sharks; 2. A false statement; 3. Golf; 4. Mary (Hush, not a Word to Mary; Proud Mary; The Wind Cries Mary; Mary had a Little Lamb); 5. Supermarkets; 6. Hindi; 7. April; 8. The Turkish lira; 9. The Princess Bride; 10. Canberra.