1. What was the traditional cry when the lookout on a whaling ship spotted a surfacing whale?
  2. In a netball team, what position is denoted by the letters WD?
  3. Complete an old English proverb: “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the …”
  4. What do the initials USAR stand for?
  5. Former cabinet minister Simon Power is the CEO of what high-profile company?
  6. What word can mean either a tiresome person or an artesian well?
  7. The Bismarck Sea is off the coast of which country: Estonia, Norway or Papua New Guinea?
  8. What artist painted a famous work titled Guernica?
  9. Who played a Harvard professor named Robert Langdon in a series of thriller movies directed by Ron Howard?
  10. The British king William III was born in what country?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. That she blows; 2. Wing defence; 3. Lip; 4. Urban Search and Rescue; 5. TVNZ; 6. Bore; 7. Papua New Guinea; 8. Pablo Picasso; 9. Tom Hanks; 10. The Netherlands.