1. Dame Pieter Stewart is an influential figure in which New Zealand industry: food, fashion or music?
  2. Former prime minister Jacinda Ardern grew up practising what religious faith?
  3. In The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, what type of creature is Kaa?
  4. Which state is NOT part of New England: Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine or Rhode Island?
  5. Giuseppe is the Italian form of what male name?
  6. Dame Cindy Kiro is the 22nd governor general of NZ. Who was the 20th?
  7. What word meaning a container for arrows can also be a verb meaning to vibrate or tremble?
  8. What well-known New Zealander wrote a best-selling 1971 book called Bullshit and Jellybeans?
  9. Trafalgar Park is a sports ground in what NZ city?
  10. What singer wrote books entitled The Philosophy of Modern Song and Chronicles: Volume One?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Fashion; 2. Mormonism; 3. A snake (specifically, a python); 4. New Jersey; 5. Joseph; 6. Sir Jerry Mateparae; 7. Quiver; 8. Tim Shadbolt; 9. Nelson; 10. Bob Dylan.