1. What type of creature is New Zealand’s native anisochaeta gigantea, which can grow to 1.5 metres long?
  2. In what month of the year did the Russian Revolution of 1917 occur?
  3. Greg Yelavich, who has won more Commonwealth Games medals than any other New Zealander, competed in what sport?
  4. What vegetable has a French name that translates as apple of the earth?
  5. Which NZ university is home to the International Institute of Modern Letters, founded by the poet Bill Manhire?
  6. What seabirds nest at Cape Kidnappers?
  7. What did the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, the originator of the Nobel Prize, invent?
  8. In the TV series Fawlty Towers, what was the name of Basil Fawlty’s wife?
  9. The London Philharmonic Orchestra is the resident orchestra at what famous venue?
  10. Which pop idol made his film debut playing a British soldier in the 2017 movie Dunkirk?


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ANSWERS: 1. An earthworm; 2. October; 3. Shooting; 4. The potato (pomme de terre); 5. Victoria; 6. Gannets; 7. Dynamite; 8. Sybil; 9. Royal Festival Hall; 10. Harry Styles.