1. Who was the subject of John Lennon’s scathing song How Do You Sleep?
  2. What item of furniture takes its name from an empire that ruled Southeastern Europe and North Africa for six centuries?
  3. In financial news, what does the letter “T” in the acronym “ebit” stand for?
  4. What word can mean either disgusting or an amount equivalent to 12 dozen?
  5. Which current cabinet minister is a former television journalist?
  6. Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans specialised in which instrument: the vibraphone, the harmonica or the saxophone?
  7. What word can follow cowboy, Chelsea, football and desert?
  8. Australians call it a nature strip. What is the equivalent New Zealand term?
  9. What is Trockenbeerenauslese?
  10. In the novel and film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, what was the occupation of the title character?


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ANSWERS: 1. Paul McCartney; 2. The ottoman; 3. Taxes; 4. Gross; 5. Kris Faafoi; 6. The harmonica; 7. Boot; 8. Berm; 9. A type of wine; 10. Teacher.