1. Complete the opening line from a famous book: “In a hole in the ground there lived a …”
  2. How many American states have names that end with the letter o?
  3. What imperial measurement of distance, traditionally used in horse racing, was based on the length of a ploughed furrow in a one-acre field?
  4. In British theatre, what do the initials RSC stand for?
  5. In which decade did New Zealand last have a government that lasted for only one term?
  6. Is the dandie dinmont a butterfly, a dog or a flower?
  7. In athletics, what event is sometimes referred to as the long sprint?
  8. What fish is described as the chicken of the sea because of its white flesh?
  9. What popular NZ band took its name from a seabird known to Māori as the titi?
  10. Who would use a theodolite: a surveyor, an astronomer or a geologist?

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ANSWERS: 1. Hobbit; 2. Four (Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Ohio); 3. The furlong; 4. Royal Shakespeare Company; 5. The 1970s; 6. A dog; 7. The 400 metres; 8. The albacore tuna; 9. The Mutton Birds; 10. A surveyor.