2020 seemed like a year that lasted a lifetime. For me, it was like watching an All Blacks winger racing down the field, feinting here, leaping there, and finally getting across the try line (hopefully). 

That seems to be a feeling shared by BusinessDesk readers. We surveyed you during December and you told us that the biggest threat to your financial success was another lockdown.

Surprisingly, the impact of covid was not as disastrous as we’d expected. The average impact score was 4.6 out of 10 (with 10 being a total disaster and zero being no impact). Here are some of the comments we received:

  • Our business was fortunate not to been negatively impacted by covid, due to being an essential service provider. Lockdowns did however affect morale but in a strange way also brought people together.
  • We had very difficult freight issues, laid off some staff, but ultimately our sector is benefitting from the travel constraints.
  • Clients understand they need to be more proactive with business management and are prepared to pay for our help with it (we are a Chartered Accounting firm). Also we got clients to access regional business partners funding which was a huge help to clients and also meant better fee recovery for us in some instances.
  • Sales Increase due to demand. Team morale for helping deliver life-saving products.
  • Business could keep operating and was an opportunity to enhance our reputation.


Respondents said the top three harbingers of business success in 2021 would be the current signs of economic recovery playing out well, effective distribution of the covid vaccine, and the global perception of NZ as a beacon of common sense and hope. 

Two risks clearly stood out – the potential for another lockdown and prolonged border closure easily eclipsed every other concern.

But for all of our hope that the vaccine rollout will cure all, you need an actual plan. In the quieter weeks of January, I invite you to read The Reset (which will have new content each week) and ask questions of our authors. 

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