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Rakon is a global high technology company which was founded in 1967 by Warren Robinson. Rakon designs and manufactures advanced frequency control and timing solutions. The company has four manufacturing plants, including two joint ventures plants, located in New Zealand, France, India and China and five research and development (R&D) centres. Customer support centres are located in ten offices worldwide.

The company's focus is on enabling next generation technologies in the telecommunications, global positioning and space & defence markets.

Rakon designs and manufactures advanced frequency control and timing solutions for telecommunications, global positioning and space and defence applications. Rakon products are found at the forefront of communications where speed and/or reliability are paramount. The company's products provide extremely accurate clocking signals, which are then used to generate precise electrical, radio or optical signals in networks and systems around the globe. Additionally Rakon offers a broad product portfolio to meet its customers timing and frequency control requirements

Title Date Type
RAK Date for FY2022 Results Announcement Tue, May 10 2022 09:18 am GENERAL
Rakon Announces Chair Succession Wed, Mar 02 2022 10:31 am ADMIN
Rakon Updates Earnings Guidance Thu, Feb 10 2022 08:30 am MKTUPDTE
Investor Presentation Wed, Feb 09 2022 01:19 pm GENERAL
RAK Director Appointment - Sinead Horgan Tue, Jan 25 2022 09:50 am ADMIN
Ongoing Disclosure Notices Tue, Jan 18 2022 02:10 pm SHINTR
D&O Ongoing Disclosure Notice Wed, Dec 29 2021 12:40 pm SHINTR
Capital Change Notice - LTI Plan Issue of Share Rights Fri, Dec 17 2021 04:28 pm SECISSUE
RAK Appoints Sinan Altug Chief Executive Officer Designate Thu, Dec 16 2021 12:39 pm ADMIN
Long Term Incentive Plan Wed, Dec 08 2021 11:23 am ADMIN
Directors and Executives
Sinan Altug
Chief Executive Officer
Sinead Horgan
Independent Non-Executive Director
Keith Oliver
Independent Director
Anand Rambhai
Chief Financial Officer
Brent Robinson
Executive Director
Maureen Shaddick
Company Secretary
Steven Tucker
Independent Non-Executive Director
Keith Watson
Independent Director
Lorraine Witten
Tang Tseng Yin
Company Details
Registered Office: 8 Sylvia Park Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060
Postal Address: Private Bag 99943, Newmarket, Auckland 1149
Telephone: +64 9 573 5554
Facsimile: +64 9 573 5559
First Listed: 16/05/2006
Balance Date: 31 March
AGM: 12/08/2021
Major Holdings Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Current
23/07/21 Siward Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. 28,016,681 16.60 12.23
29/10/20 Wairahi Investments Limited 11,591,506 - 5.06
03/10/19 Brent Robinson 34,846,238 18.37 15.21
03/10/19 Darren Paul Robinson 34,845,003 18.37 15.21
03/10/19 Michele Robinson 24,930,823 - 10.88
Director’s Interests Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Details Other
18/01/22 Sinan Altug 201,436 - - -
18/01/22 Anand Praful Rambhai 69,025 - - -
29/12/21 Lorraine Mary Witten 192,720 - - -
30/11/18 Keith Watson 130,000 - - -
Analysts’ Forecasts
profit2021 profit2022 eps2021 dps2021 sales2021 ebit2021 ebitda2021
mean 34.6 19.8 15.1 .0 174.3 37.4 51.0
high 34.6 19.8 15.1 .0 174.3 37.4 51.0
low 34.6 19.8 15.1 .0 174.3 37.4 51.0
sample 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
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Last Updated: 01/04/2022
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