The BusinessDesk settings dashboard is a powerful personalisation engine for your email inbox.

You can determine how many News Alerts we email to you each day — from an avalanche to nothing at all. 

To update your settings, make sure you are logged in and head to 

Here are your options:

Daily Digest

This includes the first paragraphs of every story we've published in the previous 24 hours.

You can turn this on or off, and then select 6am, midday or 6pm.

News Alert

Enter words or phrases here to receive emails of articles on that subject as they hit our homepage. Simply hit the return key between each word in the keyword field.

News Alerts for journalists and categories

You can also select News Alerts for journalists, such as Pattrick Smellie, or categories, such as Economy or Wine.

Send me everything

BusinessDesk publishes up to 40 stories a day, and normally 20-25 are sent as News Alerts. You can opt in to have every story sent directly to your inbox. 

If you find you are getting too many emails from us, we recommend turning this off. 

This setting overrides all settings above.

If you find your emails have stopped and you cannot find anything in your junkmail folder, please let us know at and we'll clear any filters at our end.