Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited today announced strong financial results for the 2022 financial year, with operating revenue of $1.68 billion, a 15% decline from the previous financial year, or a 14% decline in constant currency.

Total operating revenue for the 2022 financial year was down 15% or 14% in constant currency.

Net profit after tax was $376.9 million, a 28% decline from the previous financial year, or a 30% decline in constant currency.

During the 2022 financial year, the company invested $154 million into research and development, resulting in the launch of several new products, including Optiflow Switch™ and Optiflow Trace™ nasal high flow interfaces, as well as the revolutionary new Airvo™ 3 device.

The company also announced a final dividend of 22.5 cents per share, bringing the total dividend for the year to 39.5 cents per share, an increase of 4%.

To acknowledge the people of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, directors also approved a profit-sharing payment totalling $19 million for the 2022 financial year.

Management has not provided quantitative revenue or earnings guidance for the 2023 financial year due to the ongoing uncertainties in the global markets.

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