$3b provincial growth fund leads to increased community 'optimism'

Oliver Lewis
Thu, 16 Jun 2022

$3b provincial growth fund leads to increased community 'optimism'
Former regional economic development minister Shane Jones announced many of the projects funded by the PGF. (Image: Getty)
Oliver Lewis
Thu, 16 Jun 2022
The fund secured by New Zealand First as part of its coalition negotiations with Labour has delivered thousands of jobs, a report says.The provincial growth fund (PGF) was established in late 2017 to invest $1 billion per year for three years in projects in regional NZ.Northland was the biggest beneficiary, with $656.6 million in funding for 192 projects, including a new museum at the Waitangi treaty grounds. The PGF and its successor, the more targeted $200m regional strategic partnership fund (RSPF), is administered by the regional econo...

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