Geothermal generators push back against Climate Change Commission

Ian Llewellyn
Mon, 05 Apr 2021

Contact says geothermal's role in energy picture is being undervalued
Ian Llewellyn
Mon, 05 Apr 2021
One of New Zealand’s major geothermal electricity producers says suggestions such generation should close and little more be built are missing the benefits it offers.The Climate Change Commission’s draft advice recommended the closure of two geothermal plants it says emit too much greenhouse gases and only a relatively small increase in new plant thereafter.The commission said geothermal stations at Ohaaki and Ngāwhā should close by 2030 as they have significantly higher greenhouse gas emissions compared to other geothermal power st...

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How can we encourage property investors to pivot into tech?
Peter Griffin | Thu, 15 Apr 2021

Existing property investors may look to put an increasing portion of their wealth into other asset classes and that’s an opportunity for cash-hungry tech companies and the venture funds that can invest in tech on their behalf. 

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Failure to enforce face masks a ticking time bomb
Jacques Steenkamp | Thu, 15 Apr 2021

While the risk of another lockdown is growing, dozens of people are continuing to ignore the mandatory requirement to wear face masks on public transport.

Govt flying blind on unknown number of MIQ workers
Pattrick Smellie | Wed, 14 Apr 2021

More than a year on from border closures, there is still no single source of truth about border and MIQ worker covid testing, or the total numbers of workers involved.

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