More to housing slowdown than CCCFA lending rules

Cameron Bagrie
Thu, 03 Mar 2022

More to housing slowdown than CCCFA lending rules
Many factors, including a squeeze on developers' finance, are affecting the housing market. (Image: Getty)
Cameron Bagrie
Thu, 03 Mar 2022
Ten percent.That is the proportion of the $1.679 billion rise in the total housing lending stock – new lending less repayments – accounted for by non-banks, or $168 million in January 2022. It is a phenomenal proportion and shows the potential impact of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA) and the shifting landscape as borrowers look to other sources.     The non-bank share of home lending has been rising over the past year and is accelerating.Non-bank lending can jump around from month to month...

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