The election is less than five weeks away, and the government has opened its books, revealing a difficult pathway back to a surplus in 2027. 

While tech-related issues never register high on the public’s list of policy priorities, prime minister Chris Hipkins has identified it as a tool to stimulate the economy. He’s talked about growing the agri-tech sector, developing clean energy schemes, and harnessing “digital creativity” to upskill New Zealanders into higher-paying jobs. 

So, where do the political parties sit on the digital economy, artificial intelligence (AI), our potential participation in the AUKUS high-tech security pact, and the future of our research and innovation system? 

This week, we catch up with our resident political guru, Pattrick Smellie, BusinessDesk’s founder and editor, to get his insights into how tech issues are factoring into politicians' thinking. 

Also on the podcast, we talk to Microsoft’s Sarah Carney, Microsoft’s Canberra-based chief technology officer for enterprise commercial, about the problem of burnout in the cybersecurity workforce. 

There’s a shortage of cybersecurity workers to help keep our organisations safe, which is putting intense pressure on those in the sector. Sarah has some ideas on how to address the issue. 

It’s a bumper episode of The Business of Tech this week. Subscribe on iHeart Radio or wherever you get podcasts.

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