1. What was the origin of the phrase “out of left field”? 
  2. What capital city has an international airport known by the code letters CBR? 
  3. The global sportswear company Adidas is based in what country? 
  4. Which current All Black forward is second only to Richie McCaw for the number of test matches played? 
  5. In what town would you find Fiordland College? 
  6. What fate was shared by key characters in the movies “Breaker Morant”, “Monster”, and “The Green Mile”? 
  7. Where would you see the words primi and secondi? 
  8. What famous New Zealander was our High Commissioner in India from 1985 till 1989? 
  9. What is the term for a doctor’s opinion on the likely course of an illness? 
  10. The French call it a bourse. What is the English term? 

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ANSWERS: 1. It was used in baseball; 2. Canberra; 3. Germany; 4. Sam Whitelock; 5. Te Anau; 6. They were executed; 7. On an Italian restaurant menu; 8. Sir Edmund Hillary; 9. Prognosis; 10. Stock exchange.