1.    Which town is furthest from the sea: Murchison, Cromwell or Taumarunui?

2.    In what American punk rock band did all the members adopt the same surname, although not related to each other?

3.    What gelatine-like substance is added to jams and preserves as a setting agent?

4.    Would you sleep on, wear or look through a peignoir?

5.    In which sport did Ted Morgan become New Zealand’s first Olympic gold medallist in 1928: cycling, swimming or boxing?

6.    Which character in the Tintin comics had the first name Archibald?

7.    What classic novel by Thomas Hardy took its title from a line in Thomas Grey’s poem “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”?

8.    What word can precede miles, guitar and rifle?

9.    Name the year in which “Fair Go” first screened, “God Defend New Zealand” became an official anthem, and the ground-breaking NZ film “Sleeping Dogs” was released.

10.     The South Island alpine village of St Arnaud is on the shore of what lake?

Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Cromwell; 2. The Ramones; 3. Pectin; 4. Wear it; 5. Boxing; 6. Captain Haddock; 7. Far from the Madding Crowd; 8. Air; 9. 1977; 10. Lake Rotoiti.