1. What variety of chili pepper shares its name with a model of Porsche and the capital of French Guiana?
  2. Whose body lies in a mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square?
  3. What historical figure was played by Miranda Richardson in a series of “Blackadder”?
  4. What three-word French phrase is used to describe ornaments and trinkets of little value?
  5. The 2000 stop-motion movie “Chicken Run” originated as a spoof of what classic 1963 wartime prison escape film?
  6. Cecil Walter Rees had two peaks named after him in what part of New Zealand?
  7. The lagotto romagnolo is an Italian breed of dog that’s trained to hunt for what sought-after food?
  8. What Auckland-based real estate firm was established in 1923 and is still owned by the two founding families?
  9. What artist had a famous studio called The Factory?
  10. What hit song was written by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues after his girlfriend gave him a gift of satin bedsheets?


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ANSWERS: 1. The cayenne pepper; 2. Vladimir Lenin’s; 3. Queen Elizabeth I; 4. Bric-à-brac; 5. The Great Escape; 6. Central Otago; 7. Truffles; 8. Barfoot and Thompson; 9. Andy Warhol; 10. Nights in White Satin.