1. Uncle Hec was a character in what NZ hit film of 2016?
  2. What type of sporting event is the Karapoti Classic, held near Upper Hutt every year since 1986?
  3. In which American city would you find a district called Little Havana?
  4. Who wrote, “Great God! This is an awful place”, and what place was he referring to?
  5. In criminal law, what do the initials GBH mean?
  6. Which two capital cities have names that begin with the letters “Bu” and end with the letters “est”?
  7. The American Tim Cook is CEO of what global company?
  8. What game animal was introduced to NZ in 1907 as a gift from the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I?
  9. John Denver wrote the 1975 hit song “Calypso” as a tribute to whom?
  10. What New Zealander won the New York and Boston women’s marathons in 1981?


Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople; 2. A mountain bike race; 3. Miami; 4. Captain Robert Falcon Scott, about the Antarctic; 5. Grievous bodily harm; 6. Budapest and Bucharest; 7. Apple; 8. The chamois; 9. Jacques Cousteau; 10. Allison Roe.