1. According to the Department of Conservation, which New Zealand bird is most at risk of extinction: the yellow-eyed penguin, the great spotted kiwi or the wandering albatross?
  2. What nursery rhyme character met a pieman going to the fair?
  3. What is the meaning of the word verisimilitude: concealment of the truth, the appearance of being real or reluctance to speak frankly?
  4. What is futsal?
  5. On a map of London suburbs, what word follows Bethnal, Castle, Golders and Kensal?
  6. Wrest Point Casino, Australia’s first casino, is in which city: Darwin, Gold Coast or Hobart?
  7. What New Zealand author of Italian descent wrote the novels ‘When in Rome’, ‘Under Italian Skies’ and ‘A Dream of Italy’?
  8. What instrument was played by the only female member of the band Talking Heads?
  9. In Germany, what is a gymnasium?
  10.  Actresses with the surnames Johnson and Fanning share a first name that’s also the name of an American state. What is it?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The wandering albatross; 2. Simple Simon; 3. The appearance of being real; 4. A sport; 5. Green; 6. Hobart; 7. Nicky Pellegrino; 8. Bass guitar; 9. A school; 10. Dakota.