1. Sieni Leo’o Olo, aka “Tina”, fronts TV advertisements for what company? 
  2. In accounting, what word means the process of gradually writing off the cost of an asset? 
  3. Where would you see minims and crotchets? 
  4. How did the Otago town of Ranfurly enter the New Zealand record books in July 1903? 
  5. What word can precede yakka, cheese and case? 
  6. Who is the subject of NZ writer Denis Welch’s recently published book ‘We Need to Talk About Norman’? 
  7. The Ryder Cup is an international trophy in what sport? 
  8. How many Indiana Jones films has Harrison Ford starred in: three, four or five? 
  9. Albion was an ancient Greek name for what? 
  10. What type of animal was the children’s picture-book character Curious George?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Turners’ Car Auctions; 2. Amortisation; 3. On sheet music; 4. It recorded NZ’s lowest-ever temperature; 5. Hard; 6. Norman Kirk; 7. Golf; 8. Five; 9. Britain; 10. A monkey.