1. What traditional Australian exclamation of surprise or pleasure was associated with the TV personality and environmentalist Steve Irwin?
  2. Rock singer and musician Suzi Quatro plays what instrument?
  3. In the title of a 1974 movie directed by Martin Scorsese, what was the name of the character who didn’t live here anymore?
  4. Battista Farina was famous as a designer of what?
  5. In which popular sport are only two players from each side permitted to score goals?
  6. The composer Giuseppe Verdi lived most of his life in which century?
  7. Name the year in which a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the Kaikoura area, Bill English became prime minister and the singer Ray Columbus died.
  8. What European country has a parliament called the Sejm?
  9. What sweet treat, commonly associated with fairs and carnivals, is known in France as barbe à papa, or “Dad’s beard”?
  10. Peter Mark Roget became famous in 1852 for publishing what type of book?

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ANSWERS: 1. Crikey; 2. Bass guitar; 3. Alice; 4. Cars; 5. Netball; 6. The 19th; 7. 2016; 8. Poland; 9. Candy floss; 10. A thesaurus.