1. What was historic about the 1993 general election?
    2. Who was the only National party prime minister to serve two separate (i.e. not consecutive) terms?
    3. Bill Rowling led the Labour party in how many elections – one, two or three?
    4. The Chatham Islands are in which electorate: Rongotai, East Coast or Port Hills?
    5. Who represented the Eastern Māori electorate from 1981 till 1996 and became NZ’s first Māori speaker?
    6. Who served at different times as the leader of both National and ACT?
    7. Who became New Zealand’s youngest MP at the age of 23 when she was elected to represent Raglan in 1975?
    8. In which year were the first Green party MPs elected: 1989, 1996 or 2002?
    9. Who became the National MP for Hunua in 1978?
    10. What Shanghai-born woman became NZ’s first Asian MP in 1996 and went on to serve as National’s minister of ethnic affairs?

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ANSWERS: 1. It was the last to be held under the first-past-the-post system; 2. Keith Holyoake; 3. Three; 4. Rongotai; 5. Peter Tapsell; 6. Don Brash; 7. Marilyn Waring; 8. 1996; 9. Winston Peters; 10. Pansy Wong.

* The quiz has been corrected to reflect question 4's answer should be Rongotai instead of Miramar.