1. Which former New Zealand prime minister is commemorated by a statue in the grounds of parliament?
  2. Anko is a house brand of what retail chain?
  3. If NZ was a state of the US, how would it rank in terms of size: third biggest, fifth biggest or ninth biggest?
  4. Where would you find the Magellanic Clouds?
  5. Oscar de la Renta attained fame as what: a boxer, a fashion designer or an architect?
  6. In the words of its national anthem, what country is “girt by sea”?
  7. By transposing two letters, what word meaning a dishonest person can be changed into one meaning a red-coloured cosmetic?
  8. What British band recorded a 1975 album called “Crisis? What Crisis?”?
  9. Poutine, a dish consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy, is associated with which country: Belgium, South Africa or Canada?
  10. Boot scooting is another term for what type of dancing?

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ANSWERS: 1. Richard Seddon; 2. Kmart; 3. Ninth biggest (between Colorado and Oregon); 4. In space; 5. A fashion designer; 6. Australia; 7. Rogue/rouge; 8. Supertramp; 9. Canada; 10. Line dancing.