1. What best-selling children’s picture book by Eric Carle had a picture of a green and red caterpillar on its cover?
  2. Albarino, arneis and tempranillo are types of what?
  3. Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman topped the pop charts in 2001 with a revival of what 1967 hit song?
  4. What New Zealand newspaper, first published in 1970, has the initials NBR?
  5. According to a biblical story, who was dead for four days before Jesus restored him to life?
  6. Bearnaise sauce is traditionally served with what meat?
  7. What famous brand, symbolic of Italy since 1946, has a name that means “wasp”?
  8. NZ has no native mammals – true or false?
  9. In a long-running cartoon series, what was the name of a cat that tried to catch a canary named Tweety?
  10. What breed of dog was created to flush out burrow-dwelling animals and has a German name meaning “badger dog”?

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ANSWERS: 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar; 2. Wine (and grapes); 3. Somethin’ Stupid; 4. National Business Review; 5. Lazarus; 6. Steak; 7. Vespa; 8. False; 9. Sylvester; 10. The dachshund.