1. What 1960 book made the author Barry Crump famous and remained New Zealand’s best-selling title for several years? 
  2. What word can follow dress, winner’s or sewing? 
  3. What provincial NZ city has a sports venue – named after a former mayor – named Semenoff Stadium? 
  4. What country boasts eight of the world’s 10 tallest mountains? 
  5. On a map of London, what word follows Petticoat, Brick and Park? 
  6. The phrase “down a rabbit hole” was inspired by what famous work of fiction? 
  7. What is the official state religion of Sri Lanka? 
  8. What Auckland suburb took its name from a tree that King Charles II of England hid in to avoid capture in 1651? 
  9. In the US, the drug pentobarbital is controversially used for what? 
  10. Who is the longest-serving National MP in the current Parliament?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. A Good Keen Man; 2. Circle; 3. Whangarei; 4. Nepal; 5. Lane; 6. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; 7. Buddhism; 8. Royal Oak; 9. To execute criminals; 10. Gerry Brownlee.