1. What first name is shared by a member of the Rolling Stones, the governor of Florida and Harry Potter’s best friend? 
  2. What colour has an Italian name that translates as “baked earth”? 
  3. What was the name of a magician with supernatural powers who featured in comic strips from 1934 till 2013? 
  4. South Islanders call them cribs. What term is used in the North Island? 
  5. In what country did a resistance movement called the Home Army mount an uprising against German occupation in 1944? 
  6. Bechamel sauce is a common ingredient in which pasta dish? 
  7. What instrument features in the Pink Panther Theme: a saxophone, a piano accordion or an electric organ? 
  8. What country has an electronic visitor authorisation system known as ESTA? 
  9. Freddy Krueger, who frequently features in “Greatest Villain” lists, was a character in what series of films? 
  10. What Canadian province lies between Ontario and Saskatchewan?

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ANSWERS: 1. Ron; 2. Terracotta; 3. Mandrake; 4. Baches; 5. Poland; 6. Lasagne; 7. A saxophone; 8. The US; 9. A Nightmare on Elm Street; 10. Manitoba.