1. Name the year in which NZ racing driver Bruce McLaren was killed, Wellington band Hogsnort Rupert recorded their classic hit “Pretty Girl” and Pukekawa farming couple Harvey and Jeanette Crewe were murdered.
  2. A person with the letters MW after his or her name is a master of what?
  3. What hit 1979 sci-fi film established the reputation of the director Sir Ridley Scott?
  4. What does the R stand for in RMA?
  5. Who created the characters Dr Jekyll, Long John Silver and David Balfour?
  6. Who sang that “Honesty is such a lonely word”?
  7. In car specifications, Newton-metres (Nm) measure what?
  8. Cité Soleil is an impoverished neighbourhood in what notoriously violent country?
  9. Chicago is on the shore of which American great lake?
  10. The classic 1941 film “How Green Was My Valley” was set in what country?

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ANSWERS: 1. 1970; 2. Wine; 3. Alien; 4. Resource; 5. Robert Louis Stevenson; 6. Billy Joel; 7. Torque; 8. Haiti; 9. Michigan; 10. Wales.