1. Who sang the line, “We can be heroes just for one day”?
  2. What Auckland suburb took its name from three local volcanic peaks named after figures in a biblical Christmas story?
  3. What does a garrulous person tend to do too much: eat, talk or start arguments?
  4. What young English violinist recorded a 1989 version of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons that became one of the best-selling classical records of all time?
  5. Which North Island electorate has National MP Louise Upston represented since 2008?
  6. “Bring Him Home” is a song from what hit musical?
  7. What Italian dish resembles an omelette and has a name that roughly translates as “fried”?
  8. In what Central Otago township would you find the historic Vulcan Hotel?
  9. What 1989 hit film starred Sally Field, Dolly Parton and Shirley MacLaine and was set in a Louisiana beauty salon?
  10. In which decade was Agatha Christie’s first detective novel published?

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ANSWERS: 1. David Bowie; 2. Three Kings; 3. Talk; 4. Nigel Kennedy; 5. Taupo; 6. Les Miserables; 7. The frittata; 8. St Bathans; 9. Steel Magnolias; 10. The 1920s.