1. Radio station 1XX, which was named Local Station of the Year in the recent NZ Radio Awards, broadcasts from which town: Taupo, Queenstown or Whakatane? 
  2. A peak called Corvocado overlooks what city? 
  3. What does the firm Forsyth Barr provide: legal services, investment advice or real estate sales? 
  4. What domesticated animal has the scientific name equus asinus? 
  5. On what American island would you find the exclusive resort area known as the Hamptons? 
  6. What four-legged canine predator, an import from the Northern Hemisphere, is found in Australia but not in NZ? 
  7. What was the former name of the telecommunications company One NZ? 
  8. Nobby Clark is the mayor of what New Zealand city? 
  9. By adding one letter, what word meaning a power cut can be changed to one meaning a reaction of shock and anger? 
  10. What famous biblical figure succeeded David as King of Israel? 

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Whakatane; 2. Rio de Janeiro; 3. Investment advice; 4. The donkey; 5. Long Island; 6. The fox; 7. Vodafone; 8. Invercargill; 9. Outage/outrage; 10. Solomon.