1. Who claimed to have had sex for the first time in a field behind an English pub in 2001?
  2. What company’s advertisements promised “a glass and a half in every one”?
  3. What two veteran pop stars – one English, one American – performed together on a series of global tours between 1994 and 2009 that were billed as “Face to Face”?
  4. Complete the title of a box-office hit movie from 2000: “Crouching Tiger, ... ”
  5. Who lived first: Confucius, Aristotle or Jesus Christ?
  6. What two towns in the Nelson region share their names with inner-city suburbs (and Australian Rules football clubs) in Melbourne?
  7. What former No. 1 women’s tennis star has a surname that is also the name of a Japanese city?
  8. In a nursery rhyme, who found the cupboard bare?
  9. According to British politician Sir Clement Freud, what country was shut when he visited?
  10. What is the English name of the Whanganui lake known by Maori as Rotokawau?


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ANSWERS: 1. Prince Harry; 2. Cadbury’s; 3. Elton John and Billy Joel; 4. Hidden Dragon; 5. Confucius; 6. Richmond and Collingwood; 7. Naomi Osaka; 8. Old Mother Hubbard; 9. New Zealand; 10. Virginia Lake.